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When I saw this week’s writing challenge from The Daily Post, I planned to write a fun story about the characters in the photo prompt. But then I thought about the wider theme I interpreted in the picture: saying farewell. The people in the photo could be greeting each other,…

Purchasing a home

Having a home inspector might be essential to prevent misunderstanding and occasional fraud. Selecting for a home inspector is one of the many main decisions that go into purchasing a house. Using a whole house inspector appears to involve one person examining the house. Choosing a good home inspector might be important. They might often … Continue reading

Home Inspection Service – It’s Importance

Long before home inspection companies have been established; people who wanted to purchase a house make it simpler like pay for it and move in type of process. But purchasing and immediately moving in had undesirable effects where new homeowners felt some regrets because of the damages they have overlooked making them spend yet another … Continue reading